Book Signing Event

On July 1st, I had my first Book Signing!  I was so excited!  I had 18 books out and my Disney pen, ready to go! I put out a bowl of chocolates as treats for people as well.


I ended up only selling four books. I am definitely not disappointed. I expected a lower turn out because I am a new author. No one knows me. And my town is a small one. If I had been set up outside? I may have sold more. But, I was actually happy with what I sold. That was four people who previously didn’t know I existed! The people who stopped by were so nice, and excited for me. They were happy to meet an author who had their first book out and ready to go for readers. We were able to chat for a little bit as well.

One person who stopped at my table was excited that someone with the same spelling as her’s had a book out. I loved that!  Jacqui power!  🙂 🙂 :).


I will continue getting myself out there. Even if the signings are only four books at a time. Having the opportunity to meet and talk with new people about your passion and their lives is priceless :).

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