Cavern Cove and Author Update

Hello!  Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I know it’s been AGES since I’ve posted here and I am so sorry! It’s been a hectic last six to seven months. But I did want to post an Author update and an update on Cavern Cove for you!

I am still hard at work writing my second book, “Connection Lost” (Name is still being thought through!) It is a post-apocalyptic book after the lights go out. And let me tell you. Never say the author runs the show when it comes to writing a book. These characters are FULLY in charge. I’ll be typing and boom! There’s a curveball I wasn’t expecting! lol. So, I am SUPER excited for you to see what’s going on with Ann, David, Tyler and Jace! (Am I bad for thinking to change one of the protagonist’s name? Tyler really isn’t working for me and I don’t know why! She is the teen daughter struggling to get to her new home with her small group of friends. But, I am on Chapter 33, and over 75k words into the book. What should I do??? Agh!

Finally, an update on Cavern Cove!  It is now available at Barnes and Noble as well as on iBooks!  Here is the information:

Cavern Cove and Author Update

It is now available outside of Amazon and has been republished!

So… As for my statement about it being republished. You are owed an explanation! I love writing and sharing my stories. However, there were some issues with the editing. If you see the reviews on Amazon, unfortunately, the last couple were geared toward the editing of the book. So, I reached out to my publisher and the book was sent to an outside editing company.  But, the book has been fully edited, page by page! It has now been republished, fully vetted and better than ever.

grammar image

However, I do ask that you forgive me! As a first-time author, mistakes happen. I own up to them, correct them and move on.  But, this whole, being a human thing?  It is slightly inconvenient and comes back to bite us in the… Now, wait a minute! I wasn’t going to cuss in this post people!  I was going to say butt…. Why can’t we be humans with computer minds? THAT?  Would be fantastic! May have to consider that as a story line!

If you’ve read Cavern Cove, I’d love to hear what you thought!  If you haven’t, I’d love to hear if you do purchase it, what you thought! Comment below or share on my Facebook page!
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