Cavern Cove Kindle Book Giveaway on Amazon!

Good Morning and Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I was in New York City for the weekend with my daughter, so, I did!


I am hosting a giveaway for Cavern Cove for your Kindle for three lucky winners!  Make sure you get entered HERE. The giveaway ends on August 11th. It is open to US residents only.

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Nicole relocated to Delaware from Texas after her parents perished in a car accident. She lives with her grandparents and is eager to finish her senior year so she can move back to Texas to attend college. Little does she know her life is about to take some unexpected turns. For one, she finds out she’s a witch with the power of conjuring. Then she finds out a young man who has caught her eye named Brent is also a witch with powers. She also learns she is a future Coven Leader with Brent as her other half. Nicole begins to adjust to her new life and anticipates the All Hallows’ Eve party where everyone’s powers will be regenerated. But she soon realizes someone wants to gain more power by eliminating her. Now she’s in a race to find out who is friend or foe before it’s too late.


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