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As a writer, I knew there would be different topics in a story line that would have to be researched.  And as authors, we ALWAYS joke about what is in our search engines and how we are now on the FBI Watchlist.

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I am currently writing a post apocalyptic book, so, yes, my search history is a bit scary!  NSA, FBI, CIA – any of those agencies, I’m innocent I tell ya, I’m innocent!  I’ve actually gotten to the point, I now include writer or author in the search as well. Hoping that deters them from coming and banging on my door.

All joking aside though, as authors, our thoughts, hearts and hours upon hours of time go into our books. We write because we want to get stories out that we have in us. We want to entertain you all.  Our readers.  We hope that you enjoy even a fraction of what we write for you. But, there are times and I hate to admit it:

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This is where it comes in our google searches.  Last night, for my current work in progress, I’ll share with you, I googled how certain farm animals breed and the gestation period of resulting animal pregnancies.  THAT?  Is how much I love you guys….


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Appropriate, yes?  LOL

Other than online research, we take from what is around us.  If I see something I find interesting and appropriate, I will try to implement it into my book.

I kid with my family and friends that if they continue to irritate me, I’ll put them in my book and kill them off. They laugh at me.  No respect….

Honestly though. I let my characters lead me. I start typing and the next thing I know, I’m one thousand words down, many more to go. That’s what took me so long when I wrote my first book, Cavern Cove.  I was getting so frustrated with my characters.  I was trying to lead them, but, they pulled a switcharoo and led me. Three years later, the book was FINALLY published! I was pretty happy with it.  Had actually planned on it being a stand alone book, but, friends have informed me they need to know what happened to Nicole and Brent. Sooooo. Guess who’s writing a sequel???


That story line will be fun to work with I think and I’m looking forward to it. But, first, I need to finish my current work in progress. It’s a post-apocalyptic book. I am well over 52k words. This book is going to be much bigger, and I don’t think the story line is like any other post-apocalyptic books out there. I ‘think’ I’m about half way done, but, this book is leading me much more than Cavern Cove did.  If the book continues the way it is, I may have to break it down into two books. But, we shall see.

I’m still trying to come up with a name for the book!  The one I have is just NOT sticking to me. It doesn’t excite me. BUT!  I think I’ve come up with another one that I’m much more excited with.  So, I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I’ve chosen not to stick with one genre. My books will reflect what I like to read, which is a whole hodgepodge of settings.  I’ll read anything from Romance, Dystopian, Time Travel to Amish stories. Almost like my music collection.  My dad laughed at me because I had Top 40, Rap, Country, Classical, and 50’s style music on my iPhone. I’m open to everything. And if I don’t like it, I don’t have to continue!


What type of books do you like to read?  Ask me any questions on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll be as honest as I can be!  Just click those links, like my page/twitter account and ask away!


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