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Cavern Cove ~

Good read for the young adult audience July 30, 2016

This book flowed nicely and had easily relatable characters. It would be nice to see a sequel.

Marcia Stewart reviewed Cavern Cove
Good story. I think it was geared toward a … July 24, 2016
Good story. I think it was geared toward a young adult/teen reader, but as a senior, I enjoyed it.

Amazon Customer
reviewed Cavern Cove
… Cove kept my attention throughout the story and was easy to follow July 28, 2016
Cavern Cove kept my attention throughout the story and was easy to follow. It would be great for young adult readers. It had suspense and a little humor. I enjoyed reading it so much that.I wish there was more.

Encuentro reviewed Cavern Cove
A Fascinating Young Adult Novel! July 11, 2016
Jacqui Stewart has written a young adult tale that will fascinate readers. Part fantasy, part coming of age story, readers will be enthralled by Nicole’s struggle to understand the powers she has been granted shortly before her eighteenth birthday. Nicole moves from Texas to Delaware after losing her parents to a car accident. As she acclimates to her new surroundings, she becomes the focus of a mysterious young man at school. Nicole soon learns that their fates are intertwined. Nicole is a very well-written protagonist. She is shy and sensitive but strong-willed when the situation demands it. She struggles with her new found abilities but revels in her abilities when she becomes accustomed of them. Grab a copy of this novel. You won’t be disappointed!

H.El-Tahwagi reviewed Cavern Cove
I liked the simple tone of the story July 11, 2016
Nicole is a witch. Her realizations take her through trouble. Her other half, Brent, turns out to be a witch, too. I liked the simple tone of the story. It is a good read and a surprisingly exciting young adult novel. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone who likes to dive into a fantasy world for young people.

Excellent book for young readers. July 6, 2016
I enjoyed the way the story flowed and was happy with the resolution. Nicole and Brent make a cute couple and great team. I’d be happy with them as the future Coven Leaders and would be interested to see a follow-up book to find out where they are now.
Four Stars July 4, 2016
Great reading for young adult readers.